3/10/20 - Sharing the Science Behind Fragrance Safety

In January of this year, RIFM held an “information exchange,” or INFOX, in New Delhi, India, where RIFM staff and members of the Expert Panel presented cutting-edge fragrance safety–related science to an audience of 100 fragrance industry professionals, academics, and government oversight officials.

2/26/20 - Ask a RIFM Scientist: If I Can Smell It, Is It Safe?

Last week, the New York Times asked the question What’s the World’s Worst Smell? The riveting article opens with an introduction to Monell Chemical Senses Center’s Pamela Dalton, whose experiments on bad smell led her to discover that people don’t always agree on whether a particular odor is good or bad.

1/16/20 - Research Institute for Fragrance Materials Focuses on Communicating the Science Supporting Fragrance Safety

The Research Institute for Fragrance Materials (RIFM) has launched a new brand and communications strategy designed to support the organization’s mission to build universal acceptance and trust in the safe use of fragrance ingredients through applied science and research. 

10/15/18 - ​RIFM Scientists awarded New Investigator Poster Award at EMGS 2018 Annual Meeting

RIFM Scientists awarded Second Place New Investigator Poster Award at EMGS 2018 Annual Meeting.    ​    ​


5/2/18 - RIFM Scientists Receive Early Investigator Award from the Genetic Toxicology Association

Two RIFM scientists were awarded by the Genetic Toxicology Association (GTA) for their abstract, “The Bluescreen HC™ Assay to Predict the Genotoxic Potential for Fragrance Materials

4/4/18 - Save the Date, Thursday, September 12, 2019, for RIFM's 53rd Annual Meeting

Plan to join us at RIFM's 53rd Annual Meeting. More details coming soon.

1/22/18 - Anne Marie Api, PhD, Vice President, Human Health Science To Present at Joint Meeting of the New York Society of Cosmetic Chemists and the American Society of Perfumers

Anne Marie Api, PhD, Vice President of Human Health Science will present the QRA 2 and the 49th Amendment- RIFM Today for Perfumers at the Joint Meeting of the New York Society of Cosmetic Chemists (NYSCC) and the American Society of Perfumers (ASP).

1/10/18 - Anne Marie Api, PhD, RIFM Vice President, Human Health Science, Receives Toxicology Forum Award

Anne Marie Api, Ph.D.,Vice President, Human Health Science, RIFM, is receiving the Philippe Shubik Distinguished Scientist Award from The Toxicology Forum. The global award, given annually, honors an individual who has had a long and productive career in the field of toxicology and has made significant and noteworthy contributions to the field.  View the event photos.

8/15/17 - New Robust Summaries Of Fragrance Material Safety Assessments Now Available

RIFM's Online Fragrance Material Safety Assessment Resource Center is a public resource containing Robust Summaries of RIFM's Fragrance Ingredient Safety Assessments and many other RIFM publications, including those on the Creme RIFM Aggregate Exposure Model.

8/30/16 - ECETOC and RIFM - Defining the role of chemical activity in environmental risk assessment within the context of mode of action: practical guidance and advice

Learn about the global meeting of scientists, jointly organized by ECETOC and RIFM, to address challenges facing environmental risk assessors.

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