Quantitative Risk Assessment (QRA) at ESCD



 In September 2006, Dr. Anne Marie Api, RIFM's V.P. Human Health Sciences, gave a presentation on the new Quantitative Risk Assessment (QRA) methodology at the European Society of Contact Dermatitis meeting,  She also delivered a presentation for Dr. Pauline McNamee (The Procter and Gamble Company). Both talks were very well received by the dermatology community.  While at the meeting, Dr. Api also met with the ESCD Fragrance Affairs Working Group.  The Group meets at least two times a year to discuss topics of importance on fragrance ingredients. Dr. Api said, "It is an excellent opportunity for RIFM and IFRA (Internationsl Fragrance Association) to exchange information with the dermatology community on relevant topics concerning fragrance ingredients."

Application of the Dermal Sensitization Quantitative Risk Assessment for Fragrance Ingredients Practical Examples.  A.M. Api.  European Society Contact Dermatitis, September 13, 2006, Berlin, Germany.

Dermal Sensitization Quantitative Risk Assessment (QRA) for Fragrance Ingredients: What's New. P.M. McNamee. European Society Contact Dermatitis ,September 13, 2006, Berlin, Germany.