The Expert Panel Thanks David Wilcox For His Service To RIFM



Members of the Expert Panel are at RIFM to review Safety Assessments on individual fragrance materials. From left they are, Dr. Terry Schultz, Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Dekant, Prof. Allison D. Fryer, PhD, Dr. I. Glenn Sipes, PhD. (Chair), Dr. Daniel C. Liebler, PhD, Prof. Donald V. Belsito, MD, Prof. Maria L. Z. Dagli, DVM, PhD., Prof. Magnus Bruze, MD.

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The Panel took time out of their busy schedule to honor outgoing RIFM President, David K. Wilcox, Ph.D, for his service to RIFM. Dr. Wilcox served as RIFM's President for the last three years, retiring in May. During his tenure, he updated the process criteria for the safety assessment of fragrance materials and moved forward with the program—publishing almost 100 Safety Assessments, on individual fragrance materials, reviewed by the Expert Panel, with hundreds more in process. His replacement at RIFM will come on board in early August.