50th Annual Meeting - Communicating the Science of Safe Scent



RIFM's 50th Anniversary

We celebrated RIFM's 50 years of Excellence in Scientific Research at the 50th Annual Meeting - Communicating the Science of Safe Scent
September 22, 2016

At the Loeb Boathouse in Central ParkLoeb Boathouse in New York City



Business Meeting Presentations

On The Significance Of RIFM’s History
Michael Carlos, Chair, RIFM Board

Report On RIFM’s Progress
James C. Romine, PhD, President, RIFM

Treasurer’s Report
Kevin J. Renskers, PhD, Treasurer, RIFM Board

RIFM Board Nominations List

Presentations From The Expert Panel For Fragrance Safety
Happy 50th RIFM: Greetings from the Expert Panel 1967 – 2016
I. Glenn Sipes, PhD, Fellow ATS and AAAS, Vice Chair, Expert Panel for Fragrance Safety

The Expert Panel for Fragrance Safety: Present & Future
Donald V. Belsito, MD, Chair, Expert Panel for Fragrance Safety

A Signature Cocktail Under the Ferntree was provided by BASF

Dinner Presentation by Artist/Scientist Sissel Tolaas Smell Is Information and The Wall of Smell Installation: The Beauty of Decay will be on display throughout the event. 
In the installation of Smell, The Beauty of Decay: SmellScape Central Park, designed by Sissel Tolaas, guests touch the wall that has been painted with special paint, releasing the scent

Kristin Litzenberg
performed a medley of Broadway tunes.


The Broadway Tickets Raffle was won by Amanda Nguyen, Director, Government Affairs & Legal, IFRA NA 

RIFM's 50th Anniversary Commemorative Booklet

RIFM's guests enjoyed Central Park Lake on
The Boathouse Gondola


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Join BASF for their signature cocktail       
Under the Ferntree