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RIFM's 52nd Annual Meeting - Thursday, September 27, 2018

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New Webinar - Effective Use of the RIFM Genotoxicity Data Visualization Tool (GDVT) September 2018

This webinar demonstrates all features of RIFM's GDVT and illustrates how to use it effectively in your research and product management.  To view the recording, click here.



RIFM's robust scientific program covers comprehensive Human Health and Environmental endpoints.


The RIFM Database is the most comprehensive, worldwide source of toxicology data, literature and general information on fragrance and flavor raw materials.

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Find Out if Your Materials are on RIFM’s Next Not-Supported List
RIFM is holding a series of webinars to explain a new policy on fragrance materials on the RIFM Non-Supported List. This is the first webinar in the series. Please join the webinar to learn what will happen to fragrance materials on the Non-Supported List.

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  • 10/02/18
    Q3 2018 RIFM Safety Assessment Update
    If you missed this important Webinar, covering the RIFM Safety Assessment Program, the Elsevier Resource Center, the non-supported list of fragrance ingredients, and updates on the Creme RIFM Aggregate Exposure Model, you can now view the recording.
  • 09/27/18
    RIFM's 52nd Annual Meeting
    RIFM 52nd Annual Meeting attendees enjoyed an evening of fragrance science information and networking with their peers.
  • 09/20/18
    Effective Use of the RIFM Genotoxicity Data Visualization Tool (GDVT)
    This new webinar is for RIFM Members and Database users. Yax Thakkar, RIFM Scientist, Genetox, demonstrates all of the features of RIFM's GDVT and illustrates how to use it effectively in your research and product management.



​RIFM Scientists awarded New Investigator Poster Award at EMGS 2018 Annual Meeting

RIFM Scientists awarded Second Place New Investigator Poster Award at EMGS 2018 Annual Meeting.    ​    ​



Publication Image

RIFM Procedure To Review Fragrance Materials Not Included In The Safety Assessment Program

This brief RIFM publication outlines the process for completing a Safety Assessment on a new material that is not already being processed through the RIFM Safety Assessment Program.

Publication Image

Integrating habits and practices data for soaps, cosmetics and air care products into an existing aggregate exposure model

Regulatory Toxicology and Pharmacology Volume 88, August 2017, Pages 144–156