The RIFM Science Program

RIFM - The International Scientific Authority for the Safe Use of Fragrance Ingredients

RIFM Science is a robust and comprehensive program that covers all endpoints in Human Health, Environmental and Respiratory Sciences. RIFM also maintains the largest and most complete Database of fragrance materials the most comprehensive source worldwide of physical - chemical, toxicological and eco-toxicological data, literature and information on safety evaluation associated with known fragrance and flavor materials.

RIFM research is supported by industry and evaluated by an independent panel of international experts in toxicology, dermatology, environmental and respiratory science.

RIFM members proudly display the RIFM member logo as a symbol of integrity that stands for the most extensive program, anywhere in the world, for testing and evaluating fragrance raw materials. A symbol of integrity dedicated to the safety of fragrance ingredients. Implicit in the member companies' support of the Institute is their commitment to be guided by its research findings to protect the consumer and the environment.

RIFM also offers education and guidance on scientific, safety and regulatory issues that are relevant to the fragrance industry.