12/12/14 - Holiday Greetings From The RIFM Staff

8/11/14 - RIFM Member Events and News

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4/29/14 - RIFM Staff Co-Author Top Cited Human Health Publications

RIFM staff members, Dr. Anne Marie Api, RIFM Vice President of Human Health Science, Dr. Jon Lalko, Human Health Scientist and Dr. Valerie Politano, Senior Human Health Scientist, are among the co-authors of several top cited publications.

4/9/14 - We Value Your Feedback

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3/28/14 - New Release - Creme RIFM - Aggregate Exposure Modelling (v1.0)

After a successful completion of a private test (beta) phase, Creme Global announces the full release of the Creme RIFM Aggregate Exposure Modelling v1.0

12/18/13 - Tell Us Why You Didn't Attend RIFM's Annual Meeting

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12/18/13 - RIFM Members - Free Webinar

The presentation from the Q1 2014 Update on RIFM's Safety Assessments Webinar is available in the Member area of the RIFM site.

4/17/13 - View Presentations Slides From RIFM's BlueScreen Webinar

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2/12/13 - RIFM Welcomes Lambros Kromidas, Ph.D.

Lambros Kromidas, Ph.D. joins RIFM as Vice President, Risk Assessment. He will be responsible for setting the objectives and managing timelines to ensure that RIFM's fragrance material safety evaluations are completed on time and include appropriate scientific advances in research and methodology.